Yankee Puzzle

What better name for a quilt block than Yankee Puzzle for my Fourth of July quilt Old Glory.

Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block

Here is the how-to for the Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block:

Note: These measurements are for an 8″ block. Sew using a scant 1/4″ seam allowance. 

Cut fabric:

  • 8 squares 3 1/8″ red
  • 8 squares 3 1/8″ white

Use the 8 squares of 3 1/8″ red and white to create 16 Half Square Triangles (HSTs) trimmed down to 2 1/2″. Click here for my tutorial on how to make Half Square Triangles.

Lay out HSTs into the Yankee Puzzle quilt block.

Working in quadrants, sew four 4-patch blocks then sew the four 4-patch blocks into one 4-patch Yankee Puzzle:

Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block Tutorial

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