Gone Sailing

A couple of years ago now I embarked upon the largest quilting project to date.

Stuart wanted me to make a quilt for very good friends of ours. They have been our family here in the Panhandle and we will miss them greatly when we move to Ohio.

David has a love for sailing and owns his own sailboat so I knew I wanted to do something for the boat. As a family of 4 I thought it’d be fun to do a quilt large enough that all four of them could snuggle under the quilt out on the boat watching the sunset. The quilt I designed was massive.

Gone Sailing Design

By Christmas of last year I’d reached a point where my fabric supply was running low and needed to order some more. I’d also reached a frustrating piece of the puzzle that required paper piecing uneven hour glasses. So I took a break. When I pulled it back out in February I realized just how large of a quilt it already was. And it looked finished. So those hour glasses were trimmed into squares and turned into two smaller quilts for their children.

Gone Sailing Mini Me 2 Gone Sailing Mini Me 1

The back of the quilt is Stuart’s favorite part. I spelled out their last name in Nautical Flags!

Nautical Flags

I gave the boys their quilts in February and presented the quilt top and back to their parents before it was sent off to the quilter’s. I’ll be getting it back soon. I’ve seen it quilted and it looks fabulous! I can’t wait to give it to them. Gone Sailing

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