When my grandmother passed away in March, I knew I wanted to make a gift for my mother.

Mom with "Violet"
Mom with “Violet”

Busia was what we call “a snowbird” down in SWFL. She spent her summers in Lake Geneva, WI and the rest of the year in Ft. Myers Beach, FL. My parents purchased the summer home in Lake Geneva and this is my mom’s first summer continuing the “snowbird cycle”.

I wanted to make a quilt in memory of Busia to have at the Lake house. She had a twin bed in her master bedroom at the lake that I loved to sleep in, so I knew what size to make it, and the color choice was a no brainer – her favorite color was purple. I designed the quilt using a software called Electric Quilt on the flight after Busia’s memorial service and presented it to my mom 2 months later. I had a friend do the quilting for me in an afternoon so that I would have it completed before Mom left for Lake Geneva. Below is Busia at the Lake and “Violet” in its new home.

Busia  Violet

Violet Details

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