Thursday Thoughts #3

How did people do bed rest before technology!? This edition of Thursday Thoughts are the general musings and ramblings of a blogger sentenced to the couch.

I told you in my last Thursday Thoughts post that I had a wonderful Idea for May’s Grapefruit & Wasabi Crazy Ingredient Challenge. Now that May 20th has come and gone I will share with you my brainchild. I wanted to make a grapefruit sorbet and serve it with a wasabi-honey syrup. The latter would’ve been the tricky part and would probably have required a few test batches. Although I’m not a huge fan of grapefruit, in fact I plain don’t like it, the sorbet is still calling out to me. There’s a part of me that really wants to like grapefruit, but that desire hasn’t been transferred to my taste-buds yet. Once I’m off my current medication I might still give it a go – but I probably won’t be making the wasabi syrup as wasabi isn’t typically something I keep in my house – actually, it’s something I’ve never had in the house. Unless I take some the next time we eat sushi? Ha! Please go check out the recipes that my fellow CIC-ers came up with!

After a week-and-a-half away, Mom is back to keep me company and help out around the house while Stuart continues to go to work. Her first day back was get-ready-for-baby mode. As we’re moving in August I’m not setting up a nursery here so baby’s first “crib” will be either the pack n play or the rock n play, so Mom put those items together and set them up by my side of the bed. (When Stuart got home he said, “The kid isn’t even here yet and it’s already taking over the house.”) She also washed all of the baby clothes that we do have – which isn’t much. The beauty of not knowing the gender is that it prevents me from buying every cute item I see. The problem with not knowing the gender is that gender neutral clothes are very hard to find! After the laundry we did an inventory assessment and realized that only 3 newborn size onesies were not going to cut it. So we went to the internet and bought some more items!

Disney BabyAdditionally, the local Kmart is being taken down by the new Walmart so a trip to see what was left was in order – we needed baby socks and the internet didn’t have newborn in neutral colors (and I found 3 pairs). The only newborn sized baby clothes they had (that were gender neutral) were from Disney Baby, and happened to be a 3 pk of Winnie-the-Pooh onesies. Oh darn! I absolutely love Winnie-the-Pooh, and while Stuart didn’t want a Pooh themed nursery I’ve managed to “sneak” a lot of Pooh into our baby registry – through bath towels and crib sheets. The first thing I ever purchased for our little one was a 3mo T-shirt from the Disney Store Outlet, it’s green and has Pooh on it and says “Rumbly in my Tumbly”.

I (well, Mom) made this smoothie. Instead of a blog post where I share the recipe with our adjustments I’ll just provide my review here. (Why? Because I didn’t take a picture) I was nervous about putting carrot in a smoothie. Not because I was worried about the flavor, I’ve enjoyed smoothies from Tropical Smoothie that have carrot in them, but I wasn’t convinced that my Ninja blender(which is awesome by the way) would really break up the carrot enough. After the first run through the blender the smoothie was too pulpy for my preference – but it wasn’t just because of the carrot, the pineapple creates pulp on its own anyway. So we put it back in the blender and added a little bit of yogurt. That did the trick!

And now for my complaint of the day: WordPress has changed the way a blogger adds new posts and sees the scheduled posts already created. I am not enjoying this change – it is not as user friendly. Today my plan is/was to schedule as many posts this month as I could muster. (Here’s to patience so I don’t toss my computer out the window.) Even though my due date isn’t until the end of the month, I also know to be prepared for my little one to decide it’s D-Day at any point!

Update: (I know it’s weird to do an update to this post before this post has even been posted.) I have been cleared to return to life as a real person! This means I can get back to quilting. 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts #3

  1. Glad you get to go back to normal life again! I had a friend on bedrest for about 8 weeks because of preterm labor, and she was released at 37 weeks… and couldn’t get her body to start labor! Her baby wasn’t born until a few days before his due date, despite all her efforts to evict him lol

    1. Haha yea. We still think it’ll be before due date, but I also know it could wait until July! Can I get a calendar alert from the Little One? 😉

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