T-Shirt Quilt

I played golf in high school and my coach was kind enough to pick me up after school and drive me to practice and games. I got pretty close to her, and we talked about everything on our commute. One day she told me that she wanted to send off her son’s t-shirts to be made into a quilt. I, being a slightly emotionally nostalgic packrat, fell in love with this idea!


Fast forward 4 years and I discover that my now mother-in-law makes quilts, including t-shirt quilts. Because I loved Stuart’s from his high school days, she very kindly created one for me.

Fast forward 4 more years and now I can make my own t-shirt quilt! My friend Kate and I made one out of her shirts from Auburn (her very first quilt, “Spirit”!).

1 year later I completed my first t-shirt quilt. “Aero Force” combines Stuart’s shirts from ROTC and my shirts from Aerospace Engineering. If there was a t-shirt to be bought in any of the organizations I belonged to, I shelled out the 15 bucks for it; Stuart didn’t have enough shirts on his own to make two quilts, so I did one for the both of our Auburn careers.

Aero Force

How to make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

*We follow the T-shirt quilt method by Andrea T. Funk.*

9 thoughts on “T-Shirt Quilt

  1. How do you do your quilting? Do you have access to a quilting machine? It’s beautiful, but I don’t think I could ever make a design so intricate!

    1. It depends on the project. I have a friend who can do quilting on her machine. On small things like baby quilts I do it myself, stitch in the ditch method usually. My machine does have decorative stitches that I’ve used too. For this project I my mother in law take it to a professional quilter in Huntsville, i picked the design and thread color.

      1. Very cool! Although I was hoping you’d give me an easy way to quilt a large blanket other than stitch in the ditch 😉

      2. Can you lower your feed dogs? I just discovered that my machine can but I haven’t had the time yet to experiment with it.

      3. Probably, but the issues I have are twofold: 1, that it’s hard to stuff even half of a full-size quilt into the little space under the arm of my machine, and 2, maneuvering a full-size quilt is not easy!

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