Thursday Thoughts #10

Thursday Thoughts

Things have been pretty busy here in the Sew You Think You Can Cook kitchen. I can’t believe my last Thursday Thoughts post was Thanksgiving! I was hoping to talk about today’s concept shortly after the new year but there just wasn’t ever the perfect time. Good thing I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions. (For the record though, my goal of one original recipe a month is going well. My January concotion, while not a complete fail, wasn’t where I wanted it and a second attempt is happening this week!)

If you are a new year’s resolutions kind of person I hope you’re staying strong. It’s been a month now! The most common resolutions are diet and exercise related. For those of you who already have all of that figured out let me propose a new train of thought. How about an easier way to keep your house clean?

Daily Cleaning Schedule

I started this cleaning schedule in October and to be honest, it worked perfectly for two months. December was a whirlwind of chaos and the chores fell to the bottom of the to do list. I can tell you that following my schedule is the better alternative. By having a daily checklist and by doing one big chore a day I avoid a full day of constant cleaning before visitors arrive. If we have company for dinner all I need to do is check that the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper and the sink wiped down. If family is coming to stay all I need to do is put clean sheets on the bed and pull out clean towels for their use. I promise you, this schedule works.

I adopted this cleaning philosphy because being a busy mom of an infant means that the house can become a disaster pretty quickly. And because I’m no longer going off to work that means I have to look at the mess during the day! I am honest with myself and know that some days I might not get around to that big chore and that’s okay. If I have to skip a day I try to add it to the next day’s agenda (that’s the beauty of only one big chore a day) or make an extra effort not to skip it the following week.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Remember, all houses and homes are different – adjust as you see fit.

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