Tuesday Tattles #11

Tuesday Tattles

Many parents have discovered that “silence means trouble,” but for the most part I wouldn’t agree. There are however always those exceptions that make that statement the truest summary of parenting out there.

Most of the time my son’s silence means he’s flipping through a book or playing with his trains. It’s moments like that that make my heart skip a beat. I am so thankful to have a child who is comfortable and able to play on his own and it’s a joy to watch his imagination blossom.

How to Remove Colored Pencil from the Wall (1)  Sew You Think You Can CookHowever, sometimes that silence means he’s figured out a way to climb on the table or get into one of the air vents in the floor. In the most recent moment of silence, that naughty action was coloring on the walls. I guess it’s a rite of passage for every child and parent!

I am happy to report that I found an easy cleaning solution! My son used colored pencils so I’m not sure this would work for crayons, it most definitely wouldn’t work for markers – at least I wouldn’t think so. And to add another caveat, I’m not sure if it’d work well on non-white walls.

There I sat with a soap soaked wash cloth scrubbing vigorously to no avail. Sure, I saw a tinge of pink appear on my white cloth but I shudder to think how long I’d have had to sit there rubbing back and forth. And then I had my aha moment. I was wiping at colored pencil, surely an eraser would do the trick! And, it did! Quick and painless.

How to Remove Colored Pencil from the Wall (2)  Sew You Think You Can Cook

I did try the eraser trick on some crayon on his play kitchen. It didn’t work as well. I don’t know if it’s because of the texture of the play kitchen or because of the crayon.

Thursday Thoughts #10

Thursday Thoughts

Things have been pretty busy here in the Sew You Think You Can Cook kitchen. I can’t believe my last Thursday Thoughts post was Thanksgiving! I was hoping to talk about today’s concept shortly after the new year but there just wasn’t ever the perfect time. Good thing I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions. (For the record though, my goal of one original recipe a month is going well. My January concotion, while not a complete fail, wasn’t where I wanted it and a second attempt is happening this week!)

If you are a new year’s resolutions kind of person I hope you’re staying strong. It’s been a month now! The most common resolutions are diet and exercise related. For those of you who already have all of that figured out let me propose a new train of thought. How about an easier way to keep your house clean?

Daily Cleaning Schedule

I started this cleaning schedule in October and to be honest, it worked perfectly for two months. December was a whirlwind of chaos and the chores fell to the bottom of the to do list. I can tell you that following my schedule is the better alternative. By having a daily checklist and by doing one big chore a day I avoid a full day of constant cleaning before visitors arrive. If we have company for dinner all I need to do is check that the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper and the sink wiped down. If family is coming to stay all I need to do is put clean sheets on the bed and pull out clean towels for their use. I promise you, this schedule works.

I adopted this cleaning philosphy because being a busy mom of an infant means that the house can become a disaster pretty quickly. And because I’m no longer going off to work that means I have to look at the mess during the day! I am honest with myself and know that some days I might not get around to that big chore and that’s okay. If I have to skip a day I try to add it to the next day’s agenda (that’s the beauty of only one big chore a day) or make an extra effort not to skip it the following week.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Remember, all houses and homes are different – adjust as you see fit.