Countdown to 2015: The Best

countdownto2015We’re polishing off the year with the five best recipes of 2014. This blogging countdown party is hosted by Sarah at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes. Scoot on over to her page to see more round-up recipes.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in the countdown party today. Not because I didn’t want to but because I couldn’t figure out how to find which posts were the most successful. I don’t know how to delve into my stats in more detail and I don’t have the patience or time to figure it out. But then yesterday morning I woke up to an email from wordpress giving me my years stats!

2014 stats

Sew You Think You Can Cook was viewed 28,000 times in 2014. That’s probably not very much to the more sophisticated and experienced bloggers but I still consider myself new to the blogging scene and just knowing that there are a few people finding my blog is exciting! My most successful referrer comes from Pinterest; I set up a new Pinterest account dedicated solely to the blog – please follow it! Foodgawker also helps boost traffic to my site, unfortunately my food photography has been taking a huge hit and my acceptance on their site is suffering as a result. Winter, can you please go away? To those of you who follow me on Facebook, I give you a big thank you – keep clicking and keep sharing!

My busiest day of the year was May 8th. It wasn’t a recipe that had people reading my blog but the second post in my Thursday Thoughts series. In this post I documented my experience with preterm labor and hospitalization. I was overwhelmed with how many people stopped by to read about my life. I am so blessed and thankful that my little man waited to enter this world until he was full term (and 5 days late). He has brought so much joy and love into our lives.

Only two out of the top five most popular posts were actually from 2014 – it’s crazy to see how some 2013 recipes had staying power. (Healthy Chicken Tacos is holding steady at number 1.)

And now for the top five recipes of 2014, these are in ranking order:

Salted Honey Popcorn

Mexican Stuffed Shells

Candied Tomato Pizza

Cinnamon Raisin Energy Balls

Nutella Coffee Cake

2014 Best Recipes

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