Tuesday Tattles #3

Tuesday Tattles

I didn’t have a lot to add in month four so I have combined months four and five in one Tuesday Tattles post. A lot of the month three items are still going strong! My little man even enjoys the removable visual toy bar now.

Tomorrow my son will be five months old. That’s almost half a year old. I think this is his last month as a “newborn”. Where does the time go?!

In these past couple of months the little guy hit a growth spurt at double his birth weight he finally outgrew 0-3 month clothes and even some 3-6 month clothing is a little on the small side. Developmentally he has skyrocketed too, overnight he went from hating tummy time to rolling over and moving around the floor like he owns the place. The days of leaving him in the corner of the couch unaccompanied are over.


Infant Newborn-to-Toddler Bath

Bath time is a fun experience for the little guy and still a stressful experience for mommy. My fear of accidentally drowning my child keeps my confidence at bay. I keep one hand on him at all times. The tub comes with a “sling” that baby can lay on, keeping his head above the water. This sling helps ease my fears, and as soon as I see big smiles and splashing feet the stress gives way to enjoying bath time.

Bath time can also be a life saver when nothing else works. One afternoon I was blindsided by a constantly screaming child who could not be comforted. After an hour, exhausted, I called my mom and followed her advice: I first stripped him naked to make sure nothing was poking him, scratching him, and there weren’t hairs or strings wrapped around extremities. 10614267_10102333143773041_6435732815317197737_nIt was too cold and rainy to go for a walk so I got the bath ready. As soon as I got him in the bath tub the crying stopped. Relieved I watched him kick his feet. I extended this bath time as long as I possibly could – until it got too cold.

Hooded Towels

The bath leads me to favorite item number two. The hooded towel. Why? Because there isn’t anything cuter than a clean, wet baby wrapped in a hooded towel!

Infant Nail Clippers

Clipping baby fingernails isn’t one of those things I’d considered having to do before having a baby. I knew it was a necessary evil, but it’s simply not something you think of preparing for. And prepare for it you must! The first nail trimming is the most stressful moment for a new mom. I pushed the experience back and used a nail file until I could see that those tiny fingernails had broken away from the tender nail tip. And once those nails come away they grow faster than weeds! I highly encourage you to wait until nap time for that baby manicure. These infant nail clippers have a larger easy grip handle and some even have magnifying glasses!

10151270_10102497498350151_6015799934181874218_nVulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Pre-teething began as soon as my little guy turned three months old. The classic Sophie was the first toy I gave him to slobber all over. Friends of ours even gifted him the the teething ring version, which he also loves. Honestly, he’ll chew on anything he can get his hands on, but with these I know he’s chewing on a safe and trusted toy.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

This book is a family favorite. When I was little my mom would read this book to us. She even had it memorized so that when my brother and I got fussy in the car she could recite it to us. The magic that happens when you read this book aloud soothes babies. While I don’t yet have this book memorized, I’ve got most of it and have used it to calm a tired baby when humming fails.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tattles #3

  1. Awww…. Lindsey is 14 months old now – and it’s crazy that 5 months seems like a lifetime ago! Enjoy each precious day – I still love hooded towels (even if they are too small really, still use them!) and Sophie (we even got a couple of the Sophie books – they are 2 of Lindsey’s favorites!)

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