A Red, White, and Blue Fourth

It’s only fitting that the birth of my blog falls alongside the birthday of our country! The Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday (no, not behind Christmas, but behind Thanksgiving!). There is something about Red, White, and Blue that gets me excited!

This year, it was my mission to make everything, and I mean everything, red, white, and blue! I dyed water red and blue for star shaped ice cubes, pasta blue for pasta salad, pizza dough blue for personal pizzas, angel food cake fell victim to my red and blue dye, rice krispie treats were colored and whoopie pies were made red and blue too!Tablescape

Of all of my food coloring adventures, none of them sound all too difficult, except perhaps one of them. How do you dye pasta?! There are two ways you could do this. One option is to make your dough from scratch and dye that blue. That is not the route I took! Instead I dyed the pasta water. But there’s a trick! Strictly blue food coloring will simply make boxed pasta look green, so I added some red to the water.

Pasta Salad

I was nervous that once my pizza dough was cooked it would also turn green, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Cornmeal Sauce Cheese Pizza Toppings Pizza Station Pizza Slice

You might find it strange that of all my successful food coloring experiments, I was most excited about my ice cubes. To achieve koolaid perfect colors, I boiled colored water before freezing it. They are the cutest, most beautiful ice cubes ever!! Keeping the ice in a paper bag also prevented them from sticking together because the paper doesn’t allow any moisture to cling to the bag or its contents.

Ice Stars


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