Tuesday Tattles #21

Tuesday Tattles

It’s been a long time coming, but the time has finally come to share the favorite reading material of my toddler.

These books have more words and higher level learning material than the still enjoyed baby book list I shared previously.

Books for a Toddler's Library

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Winnie the Pooh’s Thinking Spot

This 12 book set teaches science in a way that can be understood by “a bear of very little brain.” These stories are about 25 pages long with full color images. We read this books following some TV time. Topics include gardening, gravity, and weather.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Books

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS is one of the TV shows I’m more than happy to let my kids watch. With lessons on managing emotions and understanding others, I think children and parents can learn a lot from the simple songs. While I think Daniel Tiger is geared more for Pre-K and Kindergarten aged children, my little ones learn a good bit from him, too. Treat received Daniel’s Day at the Beach and I was surprised to see that it was almost the exact script from the show in book form. Both of my boys like Daniel Tiger and enjoy him in literature form, too. Now if only the lessons could be learned more quickly… but then again, they are only 2 and 1 years of age.

There’s No Place Like Space

11014631_10102770016796001_2929400061734412428_nThis book is one that we’ve had for a long time (that’s a 7 month old Firecracker in that picture!). As a rocket scientist, I couldn’t not purchase this particular installment from The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library. I just love the rhyming tour of our solar system and the beautiful illustration. We also have Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today which as also shared its time in the spotlight.

In the Forest

This pull tab book can be enjoyed by babies and toddlers alike, however pull tabs, flip tabs, and other interactive books are promptly demolished by Treat so they are reserved for parental supervision time and/or Firecracker only. In the Forest beautifully explains the changing of seasons through colors and animal activities. This adorable book was such a big hit that I gifted the Under the Waves version to a friend’s 2 year old daughter who loves the ocean.

Chug Chug Tractor

I have never seen a book be a bigger hit with both of my children simultaneously as this book. Chug Chug Tractor is a lift flap book with a light activated sound on each page. The story follows a tractor’s day on the farm from morning to night. If there isn’t enough light flooding into the house then the noises won’t happen, but when they do work the excitement on their little faces is enough to make anyone smile. But, you now how I said my littlest one can destroy a flip tab book in seconds flat? This particular book has the most tape of any in our collection, both Scotch and clear packing tapes!


We picked up this Usborne book at the Popcorn Festival in Beavercreek, OH over two years ago and it’s been a big hit. It’s a fun flip tab book explaining the folklore of dragons and how they differ among cultures. It’s a fun book for fantasy loving adults, too!

Any book with stickers at the end

img_5437A lot of the “step into reading” books contain stickers, particularly if they’re books from a TV show or movie. I’ll usually pick up one of these books before a vacation -a new story and new stickers can always entertain small hands for at least 20 minutes. At first, I’d require reading through the story before getting a sticker. Of course, now that they can pull the sticker off the paper in {mostly} one piece themselves, it’s harder to police the sticker collection.





Tuesday Tattles: TV Edition

I hate to say it, but the TV is on almost all day in my house. I am one of those people that needs to have the noise of the TV to stay sane, so I’ve adjusted the viewing to fit with those kid’s shows that I “approve” of and that my son likes.

My son will never sit still to actually watch a full episode of anything (unless he’s sick) but for those instances when he looks at the TV I want to make sure it’s toddler appropriate and there won’t be a commercial for the R-rated next horror movie.

Here’s a list of the shows we like:

Daniel TigerDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: While I know most of the situations in this show are geared towards older kids, 3-4, it does a great job in explaining different social situations and how to deal with different emotions. There’s even an episode when Daniel becomes a big brother that I have recorded and saved to be re-watched 8 weeks from now. My 14 month old will occasionally sit still to watch 5-10 minutes at a time – he likes the music and colors. And of course, the fact that Daniel is a tiger is a big hit in this Auburn household.

Peg + Cat: Okay, I must admit that I like Peg + Cat more than my son does. A glance at the TV will not captivate him with this show (and that’s okay!), but it’s often on during lunch and he’ll pay attention while he eats. Peg + Cat does a great job in teaching math skills, and the engineer in me loves that the cartoon is drawn on engineering paper with equations all along the background. There is always counting, sometimes by twos, shapes, and basic algebra. There are even references to history, science, and literature.

Thomas and FriendsAnd now for a show that my son likes better than I do. I know my brother and I grew up with Thomas the Tank Engine but I’m not fully convinced I like it. My son became captivated with the trains and the theme song, so I left it on. Each episode focuses on a different character who makes poor decisions. I’m not thrilled with the attitudes of these trains, but the episodes do explain what the character did wrong and the character always apologizes and fixes their mistakes. Thomas and Friends might become more applicable in Elementary School.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: I was introduced to this show a few years ago babysitting. Originally, The Cat in the Hat started off as being one that my son would shrug off, but now that he recognizes the “thing-a-ma-jigger” song he smiles and dances along. The main subject of this show is science; teaching viewers mainly about animals and weather.

IMG_6309Team Umizoomi: Here is another math centered show, and this one is more captivating for my little man. (It’s much more colorful than Peg + Cat is.) There are usually a couple of episodes that come on right before Dad returns home from work and turning Team Umizoomi on can help keep the early evening fussiness at bay. Every episode of Team Umizoomi involves counting, patterns, and shapes. The end of every episode encourages the kids to get up and move (not something my son needs help with!) by doing a celebratory “dance” called “The Crazy Shake.”

Wallykazam: I have saved the best for last. Wallykazam is not only my son’s favorite show, but my husband and I absolutely love it, too. Honestly, we’ll finish an episode long after our 14 month old has lost interest. Wallykazam teaches spelling and vocabulary by way of magic in a fantasy land. The characters (troll, goblin, dragon, giant, ogre, etc) are absolutely adorable (although my brother’s fiance will object because they all have bad teeth)! We record Wallykazam because it’s not on every day and will often watch an episode an hour before bed time to start calming down our ball-full-of-energy. At seeing Wally and Norville on the DVR list my son will point at the TV very excitedly and make his “I want” whimper.