Thursday Thoughts: The End

Thursday Thoughts

Sew You Think You Can Cook will be 5 years old on Monday. And as it turns out, 5 is as old as this blog is going to get. My subscription does go through to February and I’m told after that it will revert back to its original web page address (

In the meantime, I’m creating personal Shutterfly books of our family favorite recipes and nostalgic blog post write-ups.

I took a break a year ago and greatly reduced the amount of blogging I did during 2017. During that year I became a preschool homeschooling mom to two toddlers. Boy was homeschooling an adventure! Firecracker, the primary pupil, was so over home school around February. Treat was the opposite – naturally – he still asks daily if there’s a project planned for the day! He loves the little songs we’d sing, the crafting projects, and almost any library book. I will continue homeschool Treat next year but Firecracker is going to attend an actual preschool 2 half-days a week.

That break turned into an even greater break after we moved 2.4 miles down the road in April. For 2.5 weeks I was in full moving mode, loading up the minivan every day with packed boxes and kids toys. The move has been fantastic. While I miss my beach view and being serenaded by the waves at night, having a house with a yard has made quite the difference in my children. They’re still sharing a room, but have a designated playroom now and the freedom of a backyard provides them with the ability to get away from each other should they need to.

My last post was in May and I honestly haven’t missed blogging. With an onslaught of legal requirements and disclaimers being put on bloggers I felt completely overwhelmed. I don’t know 85% of what all is required and I really don’t want to get fined for something I don’t understand and didn’t know what to do or what I could be doing wrong. What started out as a fun hobby turned into complete confusion, fear, and stress.

I have deleted my Twitter account and blog’s Pinterest account already; seeing fewer notifications on my phone has been liberating! I haven’t decided what to do about my blog’s Facebook account yet.

During the summer break I’m hoping to get back into quilting, there’s almost-5-year-old fabric from Hawaii that’s begging to be cut into strips and sewn back together.

I’m also putting my time toward furthering my faith journey. I’m leading a Bible study at my church and setting aside more of my free time toward reading the actual Bible.

Thank you for following my culinary journey over the past 5 years. I’ll continue to cook new dishes and check off my recipes from my bucket list. Keep in touch on Instagram!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: The End

  1. Blogging *can* become such a chore and it’s definitely hard to find balance. I ended up not really seeking out sponsored posts and I’ve been involved in way less blogging events because it’s just too much! I somehow wasn’t following you on insta, but I am now! πŸ™‚ Thank you for participating in all those SRC events over the years!

  2. I find this news to be a crying shame. I always appreciated the timely info, tips and recipes. Best of luck to you!

  3. i totally get it! blogging is so different now and i haven’t been doing it very often. i’ve enjoyed following you and being involved in SRC/other blogging events together. πŸ™‚

  4. I am so sorry. Your decision has to be the best one for you and your family. Pray for answers for other decisions in your life. I am in my seventies and wish many things could have been different for my family. They are precious lives. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for the work you have put in it.God Bless!

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