Thursday Thoughts #1

Thursday Thoughts

As I’ve gotten more into the world of blogging – it’s hard to believe it’s been 10 months already! – I’ve been noticing that a fair amount of bloggers have a post once a week or so of random thoughts and observations. I can see the genius in this – food blogging can be stressful, especially if you try to post every day. That means you’re cooking something every day. And what if that photograph just doesn’t turn out? Or the recipe is an epic failure? Or – gasp! – you ordered take out!?

I don’t know if I’ll fully embark upon a series of “Thursday Thoughts” but I’m going to try one. Please comment and let me know what you think!

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to do this.

Coke Float1) I was really craving a root beer float last night. I didn’t have root beer but I did have some caffeine free Coca-Cola in the fridge and some vanilla ice cream in the freezer. And as I didn’t think a coke float really warranted it’s own blog post I thought it could be valid in a post about random things! I know, you’re probably thinking my Kahlua Coke Floats would be much more delicious, and probably closer resemble the sweetness of root beer. But – surprise dear readers who I don’t personally know! – I’m 27 weeks pregnant and as tempting as that Kahlua might be in some moments it will have to remain in the alcohol cabinet until the summer.

2) Last month, one of the blogs I’ve recently started following (How Sweet It Is) posed a question during her Real Life Wednesday series and I thought it’d be fun to respond to her with my own blog post. Jessica asked, “What’s your Passion?” Hers is writing. Maybe most people can answer that without hesitation and if you’re in that group I’m truly jealous. There are a lot of things I like – the obvious cooking and quilting, scrapbooking, TV – but I don’t know if I could tell you I’m passionate about anything in particular. While I am constantly thinking about food – I don’t know if it’s my passion. There are always 1-2 nights a week where the last thing I want to do is cook. I feel like a passion is something that totally consumes you, your every thought and your every desire to drop everything and go do it. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on passions. Maybe I just haven’t found that one thing yet.

photo (3)3) I actually enjoy writing about nothing. I’ll set down with a train of thought and by the end we’re off in Timbuktu. In high school I did community theater down town and I became really good friends with one of the other actors. We did a few shows together and when we weren’t we acted as pen pals during the year. He often told me that I should take a journalism class in college. I never did. Maybe he saw a passion in me I didn’t know I had? Paul passed away my freshman year of college in a motorcycle accident, but I know that were he still around he’d be my first blog follower and comment on every recipe. I think this post would make him very proud.

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts #1

  1. I, of course, love to read your thoughts. However, I don’t think a “passion” has to totally consume you. Observing you, I would say you have a passion for cooking, quilting, and blogging. A passion, for me, is something that you love to do ~ given a moment and a choice, you choose to do it. It drives you sometimes.

    I enjoy reading what you write – so perhaps you are following Paul’s advice after all – you don’t need a class.

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