Easter Mantle

I consider Ash Wednesday to be the beginning of the Easter season. As such, I decorate the first chance I get immediately following Ash Wednesday. Today was that day.

I love having a mantle to decorate and our mantle is located in the family room so I get to see it every day!

Last year my mother-in-law found an old window for me to use. And as many Pinterest projects there are, I’ve chosen to leave it alone. It’s such a beautiful piece of architecture and makes me love my mantle decor even more than I did last year!

There is a cable hook up and a square hole above the fire place where one could hang a TV, so I always have a piece of art over it. (Detour – hanging TVs scares me. Like, seriously, makes me nervous. And also, hanging TVs puts them at an awkward angle so you always have to look up to watch a show.) The size of the window meant I had to take down the art which also meant I’d be stuck looking at the hole in the wall. (I’m always afraid there’s going to be bugs coming out of it.) I was about to be disappointed and then I saw in my box of decorations a light blue gingham piece of fabric that lines an Easter basket. I hung that from the bolts in the wall and laid the window against it. I thought it’d look strange, but I am loving it!

When Stuart was little his parents gave them tiny rabbit figurines over the years and I now have them to add a little bit of sentiment to the decorations.

I have filled glass jars with Easter straw and plastic eggs and transformed a spring candle holder by using it to hold more eggs.

Easter Mantle

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