Bake Sale Brownie Bites

Recently I donated brownies to a fundraiser bake sale at work. I don’t have a spectacular recipe for you today, but I do have a fun bake sale trick to share.

I didn’t want to simply present boring (yet delicious) brownies, I wanted something special. I recruited my best baking bud, Kate, and we came up with a fun idea.

We baked the brownies in a 9×13” pan for 16-18 minutes, allowed them to cool and used little cookie cutters to create Fall Brownie Bites. I put four shapes to each Ziploc snack bag.

Lesson learned: line the baking pan with parchment paper! Because I opted for the fudgy brownie version, and the layer of brownie batter was super thin, spraying the pan with non-stick spray wasn’t good enough. Good thing I wasn’t looking for perfect brownie squares!

Tip discovered: Because our brownies didn’t fall out of the pan nicely there were many more scraps of brownie that didn’t fit into a cookie cutter shape. Thankfully my preference of fudgy brownies over cakey brownies allowed us to squish the left over pieces together, salvaging 5 extra bags of brownie bites!

Bake Sale Brownie Bites

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